LOL, I legit have not said one thing to this person since I silenced witchesDOTlove, but somehow, magically, I'm COMBATIVE and AWFUL.

Ha, we're not even trying to make sense anymore.

It's all about making me the Angry Black Guy to distract from an obvious pattern of how she enables people to go after Black and Brown people.

And let's keep it all the way real. 🍊 does the same exact thing.

Issa script. White people cause drama and then blame everyone else for it.

LOL, cause... white.

@Are0h gosh ro, stop being a man who is black that exists thats so aggressive omg omg

@popstar Ha, pretty much.

Sorry for, I don't know, breathing and making space for people that aren't you?

The horror.

Yeah her empathies vs who she sees as real threats are............interesting :blobcatglaredrink:

@denikombucha Ha, it's literally that obvious.

I think she banks on people not having... memories?

I don't know. She's all over the place.

@Are0h I've only seen you be increadibly patient with ppl who wanted to "discuss" with you. Like, people just give up when you explain to them exactly how they acted in bad faith during the conversation. You do so much work to show them that but they dont ever admit to it (as far as I've seen).
Even when you're outright being attacked . People just refuse to learn

@gattogateaux I think a lot of people expect me to react a certain way, and when I don't that take it as license to express all of the racist shit they believed about me in the first place.

Ha, which means you're just a bigot. They are just unaccustomed to being treated as such.

It's funny for me because all this can be avoided by just going away.

But they can't. Because they're bigots.

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