Not wanting to deal with the constant stream of shit, insecurity and hostility that comes from bigots is not a free speech issue, no matter how much they cry about it.

No one is obligated to listen your hate, intolerance and dickheadedness.

There are consequences to acting like a straight up asshole all the time. Stop crying and grow up.


One's sexist, homophobic, racist, islamaphobic, etc opinions do not constitute a credible ideology that is worthy of a serious social discussion and/or debate.

You're just an asshole, homie. You just don't like people that aren't like you and can't mind your fucking business.

It's not complicated, sport.

And if alt-right, crunchy sock, bigot fedi believe they are so much better than us that are anti-hate, why the fuck do they get upset when we block them?

I'm actually appreciative when those fools block me because it saves me a few clicks.

I'm totally fine with angry white dudes building there own safe spaces so they can circle jerk each other. I'm cool with that.

Just do it over there and leave the grown ups to doing the work to make these places better.

It's weird how they just... can't.

@Are0h They can't do it because the circle jerk doesn't work. They can't jerk each other off because they end up tearing each other apart when they try.

Ultimately, they need to see the ones they hate get upset. They need our tears to survive, and so denying them that pleasure is the best possible action.

@Are0h By blocking them, we quite literally lock them into their worst nightmare.

They don't wanna be alone. They need other ideologies, other people to hate on so that they don't have to face the nightmare that is their own ideology.

Because if we treated them the same way they treat us, they'd break in an instant. And they don't wanna have to admit how weak they really are.

@KitsuneAlicia Nailed it. They believe if they huff and puff and talk enough, we won't see how terrified they are of us for literally no reason save that we're just different.

In reality, their fear is obvious because they simply can't leave us alone. They just can't let us have our spaces.

They see us a threat to them simply because we don't immediately anoint them as the smart capable people they believe they are in their minds.

@KitsuneAlicia @Are0h As the actor John Boyega told a detractor, "You don't like yourself mate." They are terrified to face themselves and work on themselves, and have to keep turning these fears and aggressions outward toward the Other.

@KitsuneAlicia Hard agree. These cats don't even like each other, but refuse to let care of the their hate to actually connect with other people.

And that's a non-starter for me. I'm not going to absorb someone's angst in the hopes they POSSIBLY act like decent people.

@KitsuneAlicia @Are0h @Are0h . "They can't jerk each other off because they end up tearing each other apart when they try."

@unlofl @Are0h Yeah, I kinda left that mental image in there, didn't I? XD

@Are0h Don't know how to express this correctly but... It's maybe related to the fact that strong expression of such opinion is often made by people that lack some self esteem and confidence. They would feel more comfortable constituting a vision of the world that discriminate people through easy criterias. When u block them, they feel rejected, which makes them angry because of this problem of self-esteem and all.

@Are0h Even if they express themselves hatred toward others, they would like others to accept them.

This explanation is of course not a justification for their behaviour.
I'm maybe mistaken, or maybe I don't express my idea correctly though. ^^'

@soza As I've said many, many times, it's not just opinions. They cause harm in very real and lasting ways both on and offline.

As long as they keep advocating for violence against me and people like me, I don't care how they feel.

It is not my responsibility to play nurse maid to bigots who can't behave like adults and refuse to get help they need.

@Are0h I agree, I didn't want to mean that these are just harmless opinions. Not saying we should care about how they feel, I just wanted to give an answer to your (probably rethoric though) question ^^

@soza If that is what you would call an 'answer', it is a poor one.

@Are0h uh... okay...

just wanted to socialize... I won't bother you anymore

@soza I didn't say you were bothering me, so please cease with the self pity.

Us talking does not require me to agree with every opinion you put out there.

I'm fine with us talking, but you seem to want compliance with your view, not to actually talk.

@Are0h I don't need compliance or us agreeing on what we're talking about, i'm fine if you think I'm completely wrong.

However, I understood your response as a way to implicitely say that I should just shut up if I can't elaborate more than what I did, which is very different than expressing that you disagree in a cordial way, but I may have mistaken what you meant.

@soza That line about 'not bothering me' says otherwise.

That's the thing. I didn't tell you to 'shut up'. That's all you.

You expressed an opinion I said it was a poor one. I said what I meant to say.

All other inferences are coming from you. And then you became passive aggressive about it.

And I do not like that.

If you can't respond to what I am saying because you want to interpret what you think I mean, then 'socializing' is impossible.

@Are0h That's ok, we may have different ways of interpreting messages and mine was wrong for this exchange. Sorry for giving your messages meanings you didn't put in them

@soza We do, but in most cases that's what leads to miscommunication. And I have no problem with folks just asking if they're unclear.

It's fine. Let's just to better next time.


their self-identity relies on this ridiculous cycle of clashing with others and trying to come away with a fistful of confirmation bias.

if they can't ask you questions framed by some disingenuous premise...

if they can't feign politeness and propriety while aggressively bothering you...

if they can't ceaselessly approach you in unending sloppy attempts to engage their same tired rhetoric...

then do they even REALLY exist??? 😬 😬

@jackdaw_ruiz Wooo, yup.

And when the culture you believe in conditions you against the idea of personal growth and learning and experiencing shit outside of what you know, that's when that existential dread kicks in.

And that's when bitches like 🍊 get elected and celebrated.

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