Ha, 99.9% of the people that don't like me/block me are white dudes I had no idea existed until they slobbered their non-sense into my timeline

Just say you don't like Black people and go, boss. Stop playing ping pong with social language and vocabulary you don't understand.

It would make things a lot easier.

You have a victim complex, nobody is out to get you. People like you sound just as silly as those who say Jews control the world and are keeping the goyim down. Work hard and you will achieve success. Peace be upon you.

@arcseco You have absolutely no clue of what you're talking about and what I deal with, so you're literally talking out of your ass.

And, you have no idea what I do or how successful I am at.

LOL, you're literally just making shit up to say because you are completely ignorant of who you are talking to and don't have the common decency to just ask.

That's hilarious.

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