I track bigots on here because I like understand how these networks operate and I can tell it’s really not that many of them.

The reason they’re voice is so prevalent is because alleged leftists in the fedi not only give them space to operate, but defend their right to cause harm and harass people.

Kev of fosstodon is a great example. He swears up and down he’s not a bigot, but his ideology lines up perfectly with their attitudes.

To a lot of people who profess the desire to make healthy environments, we’re seeing how the entry of gab into the fedi has rendered most of those expressions as cosmetic.

That list is long. The devs for Masto, Pixelfed, write as, Plemora, peertube all have this in common.

They are all run by white folks who pay lip service to the idea of safety, but when it clashes with their personal biases around the nature of implementing that, they all have failed when tested. All of them.

Yes the do the dance of explaining their position because that’s what people like to see and offer tepid apologies about misspeaking, but those actions _never_ result in making people safer. It’s literally just a performance.

And bigots know this. They know people talk, but won’t do shit to actually reduce the harm the cause.

There’s a reason bigots HATE me, but are friendly as fuck with your admin and mods that say they want DIVERSITY.

Stay woke, y’all.

There is a consequence when people throw their hatred and intolerance at my instance. There is a price to pay when people come at me or the lovely folks on my instance with abuse and harassment. Some of which is public, some of which isn't.

In a lot of the high profile instances, this consequence simply doesn't exist. Sure, people will block gab, but not known instances that constantly harass women, POC, etc.

And this is the _exact_ reason extreme hate remain in the fedi.

The reason the fedi is so toxic in a lot of places isn't magic.

Yes, there are always going to be hateful people on the web. That's just a part of being in this space.

But it's prevalence and visibility is directly connected to how many alleged PROGRESSIVES give space for these ideas to spread.

That's the main problem. That's the core of the issue.

A lot of people on the fedi are just full of shit. And it comes out when you actually challenge their commitment to safety and diversity


As anyone on my instance will tell you, I am extremely active when it comes to protecting the beautiful and dangerous people that have so blessed me with the gift of their participation here at Social. I don't fuck around when it comes to that.

So believe when I tell you making spaces safer is VERY possible if one actually puts the effort in to do so.

And the reason I am so critical of places that talk is that I know they just don't. Not b/c it's hard.

They just don't want to.

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