I mean... I just think it's funny how white folks are always like GET OVER IT, IT'S THE INTERNET when we get slurs, insults and abuse thrown at us, but will start a Trent Lott like CRUSADE when one suggests they alter their language and pro-noun usage a bit. LOL, they legit act like it's the end of the world.

And don't even get me started on how white people melthdown when they experience 1/100th of the abuse marginalized people endure everyday.

It's not funny... but that's why it's funny.

I remember I had a conversation once with Gargron about how he was catching it from people for his decision making, and he mentioned it was unfair, which I agreed with.

I also told him if he wants to do some real good, you have to accept it and push through to win people's trust. Saying you're about diversity and inclusion isn't enough. You have to prove it everyday.

LOL, he unfollowed me and stopped talking to me after that.

White people want DIVERSITY until they actually have work for it.


The think is white folks think if they mimic the posture of diversity and inclusion it will happen on its own, which is false. It takes real work.

And you can ask any of my mods who I talk with on a regular basis, that this work will take to you some deep places personally and have you re-evaluate you own personal truths about how you view the world. Those are HARD conversations.

And white people in particular exist in a culture that violently resists personal growth at all costs.

@Are0h That does help explain why mediocre self-help gurus can see unexpected success when white people even half-follow their advice.

@jaycie Making white people feel better about their passivity in the face of hate and refusal to grow is a billion dollar industry.

@Are0h I totally endorse this - even though I fall victim to it myself sometimes. (Fuck, a lot, but hopefully less often than I used to.) May I repost this elsewhere? It's a hard pill to swallow, but it's needed.

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