Ha, again, if it's one great thing that has come out of the entire Gab coming to the fedi situation is that it is really revealing who actually wants a better internet and who just wants a place they control so they can be bigoted assholes without consequence.

I think that's magical. I think that's awesome.

I like it when people show what they are.

@Are0h "thank you for showing your ass so i can plant my boot in it," basically

@Are0h Gab did to the Fediverse what Trump did to the Democratic party and I love it.

Too many bigots supporting the same bigoted policies & ideas, just that they don't like the language with which Trump/Gab uses. The actions are always fine to them, though.

@Are0h I kinda like the idea of the rest of the internet developing an immune system against those people.

@amydentata I think that's what we're doing here.

People are learning how to recognize language, posture and attitude to differentiate between people who actually want a better internet and those who just talk about it because it's trendy.

That switch is HARD, but every inch we make matters.

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