So in the end, Kev is only sorry he used the wrong word to express his tone deafness and disdain for anyone’s concerns save for his own. He admits he very much believes people’s concerns about abuse and harassment just don’t matter to him.

This is a classic abuse tactic where he is literally blaming people for being ‘overly sensitive’ for being a complete dickhead.

It appears my decision to silence fosstodon was correct. This dude is a straight up bigot.

@Are0h (not that it matters, but) I agree. The overall pattern is one of Not Getting It and Not Being Willing to Learn From It.

@Are0h "i wasn't thinking and sounded like an asshole but also i mean everything i said because i am an asshole and am not sorry and look how it is everyone else's reaction that is wrong"

@GinnyMcQueen Ha and these are the same that always blather about echo chambers when we don’t put up with their bullshit.

@GinnyMcQueen @Are0h the wronger he is the more right he is proved to be! But also he "apologises" for our misunderstanding.

What a piece of work.

@GinnyMcQueen @Are0h “for doing this in the language you would use over a beer”


The unimaginable privilege on display here. The complete insulation from consequence.
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