Let me be clear.

Saying devs shouldn’t make any ethical decisions concerning software is a cowardly decision, which enables hate, abuse and harassment to continue.

You’re not a centrist or being logical.

You’re giving space for hate to flourish.

I will silence or defederate every instance that does not have the courage to stand up to people that only want to cause harm.

Making a choice not to protect people or give people the means to protect themselves is making the choice it let bigotry and hate thrive.

There is no middle ground. Either you stand up or you’re helping them spread their madness.

No, there is no 'slippery slope' when it comes to people who believe genocide and mass murder are an acceptable social solution.

There is no ethical or moral grounds for refusing to deal authentically with a population that has shown its sole purpose is to cause harm to people they don't lie.

You're not some lexicon of civility. You're just a coward.

And you'll be treated as such.

I don't give a shit how popular some instance believe themselves to be. PV will not allow that non-sense. PV will not associate with instances that do not prioritize the safety of its people over the juvenile and often subjective moralities of an admin. That's just replicating the experience of places we are supposed to be against.

And if you're unsafe on an instance where the admin/mod team are a bunch of cowards, PV will be here.

You'll always know where we stand when it comes to bigots.

It shouldn't be hard to say you'll take a stand against people that only want to cause pain and suffering.

If it is, you're with them. That's all there is to it.


Its essentially an abdication of any human responsibility to not be a fucking monster🙄 .

@denikombucha And we know what culture that lack of basic empathy comes from.

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@Are0h And that's even ignoring all the other bad things that can be done with a lot of software. Like stalkerware and other spyware ostensibly for the purpose of tracking one's own computer or keeping your kids safe but that gets installed by abusive boyfriends on their girlfriends' phones and computers as a prelude to murdering them.

@Are0h As a developer, I will be blocking nazi and terf servers whenever I'm made aware of the instance. This is the morally right thing to do. If Nazi's want a client, they can write it their damn selves. Freedom is also being free to limit hate speech as a developer. This no bias nonsense a lot developers use is utter nonsense, and the few I've known in person, were men's rights assholes. Don't worry, once they show their true colors, I no longer interact with them. Even if I've known them for decades. Fuck Nazi enablers, fuck terfs, fuck serfs, fuck mens rights advocates, fuck em all. We are free to make the fedi whatever we want, and that includes making it a pain in the ass for these pricks.

@Are0h @adam
I think we nbeed to block this person's instance before the problem's start.

(I fucking said this would happen!)

@Xenidae @Are0h I don't block instances. Every user can block what they want. Don't like policy of an instance? Start your own!

@Are0h Yeah, of 5 arguments I've seen against Tusky, this was one of the worst ones.

I defend Tusky's decision in a blog post and on this item I said:

> In my book, Tusky development is free to continue to take a pragmatic case-by-case approach and develop self-governing principles as they see fit. People who worry in good faith about a slippery slope will join them and collaborate.

@Are0h ...but I must admit, I haven't seen anyone want to reach out and help "not going down a slippery slope". They'd rather just keep shouting "slippery slope".

@cj It's all performance that results in giving more space to bigots.

Folks are just afraid of appearing like the bigots the constantly defend and give opportunities to.

@Are0h always comes back to that Desmond tutu quotation.

@Are0h you're describing what a centrist is

centrists are on the wrong side of every part of history because they never take a side at all

@Are0h alternatively: you're being a centrist, which is disgusting, illogical and evil

@efi It's not so passive when it results in continuing violence and harm. It's a decision.

@Are0h I agree, but I never met a "centrist" who wasn't actually right-wing

@efi @Are0h hot take!
I said the same thing on social media once and the centrists attacked me ignoring my examples.... All I said basically was, "If you're not vocally against, are you silently in agreement?"
Touched a nerve

@Are0h Hate flourishes in the darkness, the best way to combat hate is through exposure. I think it is cowardly to fold to community pressure when you don't believe there is good reason to.

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