Aye y’all. If you’re finding your PROGRESSIVE instance isn’t so progressive when you start talking about the racism we have to deal with on a daily basis, holla at us here at PV.

You don’t have to make yourself smaller to make your white friends feel comfortable. And we got snacks.

I think there are a lot of admins that mean well, but I do find a lot of Brown and Black experiences are simply getting erased in favor of this abstract and quite frankly juvenile version of diversity.

I don’t believe we have to sacrifice for the sake of cooperation and inclusion. I think anyone that expects that is not your friend.

And that’s a big reason why PV is here. So we can be our full big and beautiful selves. Fuck a white gaze.

@Are0h Well, we were over on another instance, which had been really quite good when we joined, (honestly we did feel like it was) and even got comments around moderation when I hadn't even sent a report (on a reasonably regular basis actually)... Then the admin found they had too much to deal with, and handed it over to someone else. Initially uncomfortable, but chalked it up to the typical, "uncomfortable with change" thing. I set things up here now, one report came back, "nothing wrong."

@Are0h I knew y'all had snaccs, but you got snacks too?

Seriously though, this is an important message. No admin is entitled to your membership. If you're stopped from talking about racism or your activism against it by an admin, leave. The shit still happens, so we still need to talk about how to do better.
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