Straight up gonna write a Black Person's Guide the Fedi because a lot yall faves don't like Black folks unless they're playing the obedient token.

Ha, and yall calling it diversity.

@Are0h Can you make a list?! I wanna see if I have the same people.

@hansbauer I'll answer this with an example.

Consider Candice Owen, a Black American political pundit that basically just parrots conservative and generally racist view points of white people for support. She is an example of a token.

White people generally prefer these kind of Black people because they are complaint to their discriminatory world view, ergo obedient.

@hansbauer @Are0h for one thing, it probably involves jumping to explain something like this to every anime girl named Hans

@hansbauer @robotcarsley token == someone we keep around to point to when someone calls us out on our racism.

@hansbauer @robotcarsley
"I'm not gay, check out this cishet nudey magazine i have!"

That kinda shit.

(although i gotta say, i've never seen anyone legit not know the concept of 'tokenization'. Pretty wild.)

@hansbauer @Are0h I'm sorry for discriminating based on an aspect of yourself that you can't change (your avatar)

@Are0h PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE include something about not blowing your discourse load all over someone's mentions. B/c i dunno HOW many times i've made a pretty soft toot that i OBVIOUSLY dont want turned into a 900 thread discussion, only for white people to show up with their dissertation trying to prove my *OPINION WRONG*.

B/c that's fucking annoying, and very white behavior.

@somarasu Yup. Robin DiAngelo described this behavior as white people making those conversations so miserable, that we just stop talking about it.

And that's the point. Wether it is with raw racism, or shallow performances of civility, white people will use any means they can to avoid taking responsibility for the issues the consistently cause.

tired: kill em with kindness

wired: kill em with whiteness

@somarasu inspired: step out of the way and let them kill each other.

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