I’m not a mentor. I’m just a person that has made so many mistakes I can tell you what doesn’t work.

@Are0h Wisdom is just having made more mistakes than others.

@Are0h Kinda like Thomas Edison with that lightbulb. "I haven't failed a thousand times. I simply found a thousand ways to not make a lightbulb."

@Are0h It's probably best that many of us accept that our life's work is simply to act as a warning for others :) I think I've come to terms with it myself ;)

@Are0h That's pretty much what a mentor is. :)

When I first started supervising colleagues, I couldn't figure out why anyone would listen to me. Took a while to understand that its because I've been doing this for 15 years and I'm familiar with lots of the ways to face plant.

@ross Ha, that's a fair point. I guess I'd like to give definitive ways to find their success rather than just telling folks not to touch the stove. But I guess that has value too.

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