So Purism's 'solution' to handling bad actors is to remove one of the main mechanisms we use to coordinate effective responses against them?

LOL, that's some bullshit. The funny part is that they're trying to present it as a reasoned decision.

This is why these spaces stay toxic. People are defending bigots instead of people that actually have something of worth to contribute.

@Are0h Damn. I was really hoping that Purism would be better than that.

A refusal to moderate does not grant freedom of speech; it surrenders that control to the loudest and meanest users instead.

@jaycie It's pretty clear they are trying to monetize their social media presence in the same way FB, Birdland, etc are doing.

And that usually means appealing to the interests of bigots for the sake of clicks.

The entire 'free speech' point is just a dog whistle at this point.

The funny part is the context they're trying to concoct.

Ha, just be honest.

@Are0h @jaycie the fact that Eugen is apparently on their payroll sure does make a lot of sense tho

@Are0h the instant i saw anything on mastodon about this "purism" thing the whole thing seemed super sketch af starting with the name itself

seems my instincts were not misplaced

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