Sometimes you just have to step back and laugh at how racist white people are.

It's the 21st century. We're exploring entirely new ways of personal expression while shattering identity norms that not only allows us to be freer as human being, but give us so many more avenues for connecting, relating and collaboration.

But white people want me to get hot and bothered about immigration that historically we ALL benefit from.

LOL, yeah, it's not funny. But that's why it's funny.

Outside of the very real violence white identified people enable everyday as a response to their ideas being proven to be fiction, do you know how BORING it is to have random racists, homophobes, transphobes, sexists, etc lob the same boring, tired, thoroughly disproven falsehoods around in the this day and age?

I've gotten to the point where I just refuse to humor any bigots at all.

Not because I hate them. I don't hate anyone.

There is just nothing of value in what they do. At all.

@Are0h Those conversations feel like someone from medieval times is trying to convince me that having women on ships is bad luck. It's super boring and embarrassing to hear people repeat superstitious myths about marginalized people over and over again. Especially when the same exact myths have been used for different groups of people throughout history.

It makes me wonder whether they're suffering from cognitive problems, but then I remember they're just repeating what they were taught.

@Are0h It's a shame that bigots are willing to metaphorically burn people at the stake for their inability to grasp the complexity of the world.

@ash And how they literally get offended when we actually defend ourselves from their violence.

As if we're just supposed to sit there and take it for some odd reason.

@Are0h They're trapped in a deluded prison in their own minds, and they want us to get in there with them. No thanks.

@ash Dr. MLK Jr. made the metaphor of trying to integrate into that culture is like trying to move into a burning house.

We're just better off doing something else.

@Are0h That's the thing - even with the constant terrorism of white supremacist state-sanctioned violence against our (black/brown/autistic/queer) bodies, I feel pity for them. I don't understand how they walk around like that, threatened by any reminder that their fundamental beliefs are made-up constructs.


@ash That's because you're a decent person. It's not ever going to make sense to you because you haven't let go of your humanity to justify shit that is non-sensical.

And they know their shit is non-sensical. That's why they get violent.

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