The Notre Dame restoration effort having reached 500 million in funds while historically Black churches in L.A. burned down by white supremacists is struggling to break a single million is the perfect commentary on equality and basic decency and respect.

The world isn't broken. People are purposefully keeping it that way.

The next time you see an old white guy complain about a social program, think about how quickly half a billion dollars was raised for something a handful of people will benefit from.

Do you see it?

@Are0h The weirdest thing to me is how many people will claim the Notre Dame burning is a tragedy, but in those same spaces mass shootings are only framed in a political perspective.

And then they talk down to people who try to do the same of the cathedral. It's just weird how reverent people are to catholicism just because it's ancient. Notre Dame de Paris is a monument, museum, and tourist attraction. But it is not a utility for community or human betterment.

@Are0h I'm glad other people seem to be catching on to what you already know...

"The billionaires’ donations will turn Notre Dame into a monument to hypocrisy":

@activationfxn It's so laughable that they even tried to frame it as an act for social good.

10% of what's been donated to the Notre Dame restoration thing could permanently change millions of people lives for the better.

But you don't get a tax write off for helping poor people, so fuck that.

@Are0h Really scary thing is this is the first I've heard of Black churches burning down. Fuck.

@jessmahler @Are0h ... and at the first pass, I thought it was in reference to the string of black church arsons back in 2016. It's... yeah.

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