I mean... I don't want to be insensitive because I know it's historic and all, but the historic churches in my community have been burning for centuries and nobody really gave a fuck so... yeah.

Burning American churches is a hobby for racists, so we usually get the whole 'get over it' thing when it happens to Black folks, but when it happens to white folks it's a TRAGEDY.

Ha, I'm just gonna go back to what I was doing.

@Are0h Every time a racist says "get over it," I hear them saying "I am malignant and superstitious and think that only white people's pain matters, I am too emotionally incompetent to participate in a humane civilization." I guess they think they're gaslighting us, but they're really just telling us exactly what they are. I used to get tired but now I get embarrassed for them.


@ash Yeah. It's like racism is so pedestrian now, it barely registers. I just kind of laugh when people come at me like that on here.

If it wasn't for the extreme violence they continue to use, they would have been completely irrelevant a long time ago.

@Are0h 💯​ I'll never understand how they think their extreme violence is valid just because it involves paperwork, weird blue outfits with made-up badges, and vocabulary designed to imitate respectability. The trauma-factory they call the "criminal justice system" operates without the consent of black and brown people, but their cars are painted in a weird stripey pattern so they're allowed to beat and enslave people? Lol.

@ash It's very odd when you think about it, especially when you consider the origin of policing in the States had nothing to do with law enforcement.

Yeah, they've made it prettier, but their original purpose still hasn't changed.

It's funny to me how they get upset when you just call it what it is and not pretend with them.

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