@Are0h they scored 85 points in the second half. After I left the cigar lounge!

@Gotterdammerung I gotta watch the game again. I stopped watching cause they were getting beat up.


@Are0h according to theringer, the Warriors gave up 72 points in 19 frigging minutes.

@Are0h they are notorious for blowing leads, ever more so this season than in the past. It is human nature to let up after going up 30 points, but almost impossible to get your edge back once the other team has it going. The clippers are full of hustle guys - especially Harrell outmuscling the undersized Draymond Green and supersub Lou Williams matching Chef Curry point for point and then some.

@Gotterdammerung You don't become #1 seed in the West by being 'notorious for blowing leads', so we're just gonna disagree on that.

And that's the thing. You don't 'outmuscle' Draymond unless something is up with him. Green is an elite defender. Harrell just outplayed him, which is odd because it's very rare.

We do agree about Lou Williams though. That dude has been nuts all season.

@Are0h they have been blowing leads more this season than in the past. that is a fact.

They were actually second seeded for most of the season until the last two weeks. That is a fact.

Draymond Green is also undersized for his position, whereas Montrezl Harrell is bigger and younger, who did push him around. Green is not some immovable force of nature - more of a hustle guy who just happened to meet his match.

Green has to return to his roots as an open court dynamo to regain his edge.

@Gotterdammerung They are also still the number one seed in the west. Yes, it happens, and it maybe happening more as they challenge for their third consecutive title, but are the NOTORIOUS for it. No. Quite the opposite.

True. And now they are the top seed.

Ha, nobody said Green is an immovable force of nature, but he is a great post defender that rarely gets outplayed. That's taking nothing away from Harrell, but rather to put in perspective.

Hard to do when you have Kevin Durant, but ok

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