The funny part is that you can't deny that white folks in America are the main reason we stay in crisis. They literally create them to appease whatever bigoted thought is going through their mind and then bitterly complain when it hurts them as well.

Every community has its issues, but no other social group is relentlessly fighting progress as violently as white people.

They are very clearly the problem. And always have been.

I would say this is a dark time for the States, but it's generally always been like this if you're not a white guy.

I think the 'horror' people are experiencing is seeing hate embedded so deep in USian society, but even that perspective reveals a privilege of just being able to ignore it for a long time.

For those of us not able to ignore it, dealing with the cruel and violent machinations of hateful white people is just our reality.

Ha, I think white people are just upset it affects them too


There is simply overwhelming evidence that every social issue in American society can be linked to the intransigence of white identified people to logic, reason, fair play and civility. This point is incontrovertible.

The main threat to national stability, peace and prosperity has _always_ been its most populous group. They have _always_ used their collective political power to make the country worse.

If we can't start here, that most likely because you're complicit with it.

i had to search what "intransigence" means so this is probably a smart take

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