When all of the algorithms pushing white nationalist content, ads, extraneous UI elements demanding you do something to INTERACT and shitty JS programming are stripped away, YouTube is actually a pretty nice place.

@Are0h oh hey this is great! I assume this is still all the same YT content, and you can log in normally, but you'll get this view instead of the normal cluttered mess?

@ryanlittlefield Yeah, pretty much. I don't have a YouTube account, so I just use this for viewing content there and it's gone really well so far.

@Are0h yeah, that's really awesome. I'm also assuming you worked on organizing this, right? or at least someone working with you (if you have anyone?)

@ryanlittlefield I set up the instance on my server, but the software was built by a fellow named Omar Roth =>

@Are0h ah i see! well, cool. is it cool if i use your link/domain for it? at least to try it out. i like youtube but hate all the 'youtube' parts about it, including everything you mentioned previously. if it ends up working out for me i'll throw a couple bucks your way.

@Are0h Thank you for reminding me of this, I've just imported my subscriptions to it and now along with skytube for my phone, I'm free!(er).

One option I'm already missing out on is the ability to expand the video to fill the screen without having to fullscreen it.

@BrokenBiscuit Yeah, it uses a native player, which I actually prefer, but it doesn't give you a whole lot of options.

I would imagine it's something the dev is working on, so we'll see what happens.

@Are0h This is a big deal - way better for everyone's emotional health and ethical competence. I feel like this could also protect kids from youtube's negligence and incompetence in recommending awful videos. I'm a grown-ass person and I cringe at the frequency with which YT recommends white supremacist videos for me, a science-y anti-racist leftist.

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