This comment pretty much sums up why Masto is clearly going in the same direction as FB, Birdland and the like. Poor, myopic leadership obsessed with maintaining social media norms that harm people.

Gargron simply refuses to see anything outside of his narrow perspective, framing an issue of safety as 'assuming everyone is an asshole'.

It is this kind of white male intransigence to reason that makes the web unsafe for anyone but them.

Discourse such as this is a case study of why I general refuse to get involved in circle jerks to appease the whims of white men in tech.

It is another example of how their intentions are not to make the web a better place, but rather to just make it conform to their set of biases, which usually are bad for everyone else on the web.

There are plenty of examples that show if you give people options to harass and abuse folks, they will use it.

To assume good will is simply delusional.

As brilliant as the Masto concept is, it is being driven into the ground by an unrepentant series of ignorant and ridiculous moves by its creator and its brain trust.

It's absolutely absurd that after two years into the Masto experiment the biggest impediment to it being an example of progressive online culture is the whims of white men who refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past and are determined to replicate and repeat them.

That's why I'm just doing something else.

@Are0h the fediverse will outlive mastodon and that's a good thing

@Are0h Forking is a thing that we have though, and we can run our own stuff that still integrates with the rest :)
Everyone has their own blind spots. In my opinion even the fact that this decision is so disputed is reason enough to take it back, and I hope that he comes to the same conclusion.

It's good at least that Mastodon is not exclusive. In my opinion it's definitely nowhere near as bad as the direction of FB and the likes. I do hope this gets taken back though.

@Are0h I think I see what he’s trying to say, but I feel like moderation is a better way to prevent echo chamber-ing. (mod tools!)
regardless, the whole benevolent dictator for life concept needs to stop.

@horsemans He believes in his own personal view of the world, despite all of evidence to the contrary.

There's a word for that.

@Are0h @6BPA9NMU how fucking dare he use trans women like this

@June @6BPA9NMU There is so much complete and utter bullshit packed in there, I can't believe folks just let that slide.

Outside of the absurdity of including that feature itself, his particular brand of myopia always throws marginalized people in harms way to prove his 'point'.

@June @Are0h @6BPA9NMU I feel kinda dirty for that conversation being on a bug report I made.

@Are0h Did Gargron even bothered to ask Trans Activists if they would like to know whether they've been blocked by transphobes?

...Of course not.

@Amuro_Rei That would require a willingness to listen to anything other his own voice.

He has consistently shown to be incapable of that.

@Amuro_Rei @Are0h That assumes that his argument about that is in good faith. I don't think that is a good assumption.

Frankly, using trans folks as a shield against push back on a bad idea is disgusting on this, of all days.

@Are0h man, that utter blindness to the *notion* of not being able to see the problem from where he’s standing, and therefore it’s not that bad.

@Are0h Can we have the link to the whole discussion, so we can understand the background and the propositions in the debate ?

@parleur As the repo is open, I’m confident you can handle that on your own.

@Are0h English is not the language I read the best, and looking through hundreds of messages may be not so easy for me (yes, breaking news, not everyone in the world speaks english well !).
And, as you probably have the link, it'd have been almost no effort for you to send the link, and it'd have be useful for anyone reading the thread, I guess. :)

@parleur And yet, the info is still there and can easily be found as you sit here and make excuses.

@parleur How you want to interpret a basic expectation for another adult to take responsibility for their own education is your business.

If you want to know, the convo is waiting for you to check it out.

All other efforts outside of that are simply irrelevant.

Enjoy your day.

@jasondclinton I said nothing about him personally. You need to grow up.

@Are0h How stupid does one have to be to apply the standard of everyone having to be an abuser for it to be a bad idea to let everyone who's blocked to know it?

What a fucking moron. He needs to put down his keyboard until he grows a brain.

@freakazoid Ha, the thought kind of speaks for itself, doesn't it?

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