I told my patrons a couple of days ago, but I recently started an Invidious instance to the growing set of PV services because using YouTube is awful, but there is still some really great people making some compelling stuff on there.


Social is just part of a platform of an independent platform that I am building to support people who don't want their digital lives to be dependent on companies that don't give a shit about them.

To that end, I'm building out a host of services, including...

Code @ PV: self hosted Gitea instance code.playvicio.us/

Cloud @ PV: self hosted Next Cloud instance cloud.playvicio.us/

Fipamo, the forthcoming blog framework for PV code.playvicio.us/Are0h/Fipamo

And of course, here, Social @ PV

A priority of the ever growing PV platform is to build organically so it is sustainable long term.

I don't want to add stuff for the sake of adding it. Rather I want to slowly build so services that are added can be properly maintained long term.

It's been a tough road, but a very rewarding one as well as support slowly ticks up and I'm able to add more for people who already use the PV platform.


So far, I am able to support my hosting and maintenance completely through patrons and people who donate to my project.

Eventually, I would like to work on PV full-time so I can take the time to make all of the parts I'm building work together to form a cohesive and viable platform for people such as myself that value independence and being able to be in complete control of their digital selves.

Together, I very strong believe we can do it.

For more info: patreon.com/Are0h

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Social @ PV

Social is the primary social media platform for the forth coming fourth version of Play Vicious, a new initiative built to bring attention to the plethora of creative acts that don't get the shine they deserve.
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