"In order to be successful, this brand of subterfuge requires a public that is either too ignorant or in willful denial of racism’s machinations to look past the surface. Fortunately for Morley, he lives in the United States, where questions of racism are often litigated in terms of “what’s in a person’s heart,” or what they are willing to admit publicly."

Zak Cheney-Rice has been spitting FLAME lately.

"It is how U.S. senator and presidential candidate Cory Booker can respond to the question, 'Do you believe that Donald Trump is a racist?' with, 'I don’t know the heart of anybody. I’ll leave that to the Lord.'"


@somarasu They can't. Racism is predicated on not appearing racist so white people can say, "SEE?"

@Are0h But it's like trying to keep kayfabe alive!'s not the same anymore!

@somarasu If it wasn't for the extreme violence bigots engage in, we would have turned the channel a long time ago.

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