It's remarkable to me how many fellas never connect their general dickheadedness to women as the main reason why dating/relationship are so 'difficult' for them.

Feminism isn't a problem, bruh.

You're just an asshole.

@Are0h I've been discussing this issue with a few friends recently. In what I've noticed, feminism, as in, the movement that brings women the power and support they needed and need, isn't a problem. [>>]

@Are0h Aren't contemporary men disconnected from their own emotions to the point where it's hard for them to actually figure out what's going on inside them? If one can't figure such a basic thing, it'd be pretty impossible for them to figure out why they do this or that in other aspects of life - such as dating that you have mentioned.

That's the train of thought I've been following lately, based on my knowledge of my own self and on my general observations.

I'm curious what you think.


@phoe There is something to be said about the societies we exist in encourage us to ignore/suppress our emotions and that affects men in a different way than it affects women.

That said, I think there has to be a desire to put in the work to figure out what as a dude who is attracted to women wants from that kind of relationship.

Lack of emotional intelligence is cool. We all start somewhere. But men in particular have a specific resistance to learning and just being better people.

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