There is no honor in taking abuse from people that mean you harm.

There is nothing shameful about erring on the side of your self interest if you are unsure about a person's intent when they engage.

People that have genuine good interests and make positive contributions consistently to the community around them will prove that out over time.

As in life, not everybody is here to be your friend.

It's ok to let people prove that they are good people. Good people don't mind doing that.

Building healthy spaces means recognizing and dealing with behaviors and actions that are counter to said spaces.

Attempting to assuage bigots in the hope they act like decent people eventually doesn't contribute to a healthy environment.

Giving carte blanche deference to every idea one comes across for the sake of 'objectivity' does not contribute to a healthy space.

Everyone has to decide what kind fo community they want to be a part of. Do you really want good spaces or just appear to be?


I've seen premature labeling of bigots used to schism communities and sabotage valuable movements.

Some way needs to be found to heal people to create sustainable progress - finding one will also reduce schismatic instability.

@Finfell Did you actually read the thread or just focus on the parts you felt like taking in?


I did. I loved the top post. I didn't favorite it yet because it was the first time I've ever seen your account. I wasn't expecting at all where you took it afterwards - it doesn't seem the same message.


(Apologies if it wasn't actually the first time I've seen your account - maybe better said, I didn't favorite it because I don't recognize your account.)

@Finfell I don't care if you favorite or not. I would prefer you actually read what is being said rather than trying to decipher it through your own subjective filter.

Enjoy your day.


Whoa. Awesome, an Objective Linguist Defender! I haven't seen one of you in the wild in literally over a decade! I thought I was the last person who would ever say something like that!

We disagree on something, but I want you to know you're not alone in thinking communication is possible! Keep on that!


Well, no. Not literally over a decade. That was hyperbolic enthusiasm. But it has been years. Like six years, maybe eight.

@Finfell Even though it's threaded.

I think the issue here is your perception of what is being said rather than what is being said.

@Are0h This, this, this. I've recently seen IRL what kind of unhealthy space emerges when you try to make a safe space welcoming to bigots "in the hope they act like decent people." What a shitshow that was. ☹️

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