I'm still chuckling about super internet cyborg advocate dude Aral getting all pissy because I laughed at his hyperbole about how BAD a certain Masto dev was being treated.

We're probably going to be in the same room one day and I'm just going to bust out laughing.


If I'm perfectly honest, I think a lot of popular white guys in the tech space don't want to make a better internet.

I think they just want to mold it into something that resembles a space where they can do what they want without consequence.

It's what all of these places have in common from Facebook to small AP projects.

And it's not an accident that they keep repeating the same mistakes.

The funny part for me is we're supposed to pretend the problem is TECH and not over entitled white guys

It’s just funny to me how many problems in community building happen because of the hubris and general insecurity of white dudes.

Ha and how upset they get when one points out the obvious.

@Are0h Don't you know that the emperor in "The Emperor's New Clothes" was the *hero*?

I say this as a joke but can all too easily imagine some white dude actually thinking that.

@kurtm Ha I mean... that’s pretty much why The US is in the position it is right now.

@Are0h You hit it right on the head. They just don't want anyone to say that because they *need* to be praised for how progressive and forward thinking they are. No matter how little they deserve it.

@kurtm Yeah, man. Its like a prerequisite for their ‘service’ is constantly patting them on the head.

I believe in recognizing good work, but let’s keep it in perspective.

@Are0h It's a pathology. They did this one cool thing so they should get worship and indulgence forever. It doesn't ever occur to them the shine came off that turd and folks just haven't found the next thing yet.

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