PV is going to have a hard cap of 10k users. I think that will be enough to support a self sustaining community.

After that, I'm going to just help people set up their own instance or recommend other instances to follow.

I want the fediverse to grow to the point where it is second nature to replicate.

That's the beauty of all this. We can great an environment that encourages growth rather than 21st century tech fiefdoms.

We should be pushing Masto in the direction of organic proliferation, not making it less easy to use to serve the whims of a handful of people.

As Masto grow, we _should_ be making it easier and safer to use.

With all of the brilliant people I've ran into since I've been on the fedi, this is absolutely a realistic possibility.

We just have to change how we think about we each personally interact with social media and how it can used to benefit our communities and not just something to do.

@Are0h Agreed 100% on this.

We've got Plume and Pleroma done for 🍭 ☁️ for these exact reasons.
@thoughtcrime @Are0h Yep!

Official fedi account: @cloud

Blog (also on fedi thanks to plume): @cloud

(they are separate accounts despite what the auto-link formatting may imply 😉 )

@mattcropp That's an idea, but I'm less interested in defining organizational structure.

I'm more interested in people being able to set up and manage their own instances and then passing that information on once they hit a threshold instead of hoarding.

I'm not sure how that can be incentivized, but I think it's necessary to stop repeating the same mistakes.


Fostering extensive rather than intensive growth.

I've been thinking about the way early credit unions used clear group "common bonds" as a way of setting those upper boundaries? Like, if you worked at a particular plant, or went to a particular church, you could join a #CreditUnion. The credit union was a tool *in service to* an existing community (w/ existing #SocialCapital).

Many of the successful #instances right now seem to have one or more significant common bonds...

@mattcropp Yeah, that's a good analogy.

I would add that in digital spaces, we see how quickly communities can grow. Growth for the sake of growth, as we're seeing, isn't sustainable.

But if we can create a context that encourages sensible growth and than sharing that information rather than having a mad dash to see how can scoop up the most users, we can set up a paradigm that is not only healthy, but spreads the weight of the fedi judiciously.

@Are0h @mattcropp I feel like Im back im bitcoin and forks and dogecoin and brand new hot cryptos. I badly want to share this with my friends but there's no way they're going to take to this as it is set up now. Can the smart ones of you fix it so i can share with friends, families, and teenagers? Something has got to be safer than the stuff he-who-shall-not-be-named created.

@Are0h @mattcropp I badly sincerely want to share this forum but I can barely explain it, my friends with lesser resolve will give me a big thumbs down if I bring it to them as is. Im not smart enough to fix it but i hope it can be fixed. Soon. We need to save the world. I possibly mean that literally.

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