I had a great conversation with a potential client today and it was really refreshing to hear people that could identify as white identify as the culture they are actually come from i.e. Irish, Scottish, Swedish, etc.

There is so much more room to maneuver in cultural discourse when white people shed that idea of whiteness and embrace their actual backgrounds.

I can really dig in and talk to people who carry that perspective.

@Are0h i have a theory that if more white people embraced our heritage we'd realise how much friction there is between many of those respective cultures, proving white supremacy to be a fallacy. there's nothing superior about hating the guy next door because of mutual history. not that it's as simple as that.


@pippasaidwhat Honestly, I think that would be a major step forward. There's a reason the States keeps trying to revision history.

White supremacy robs everyone of their culture and history, including white people.

@Are0h 100% agree. it's why i very, very rarely refer to myself as british or even english. i'm third generation irish on both sides, it's difficult to ignore when fully acknowledged. it also adds a different spin to how i view the UK - i lack patriotism to get angry and red in the face over subjects other white people around me may be infuriated by. 🤷

@pippasaidwhat Yeah, it's always been interesting to me how growing up in the States white folks rarely refer to their actual background. They just accept they are white.

Or even more damaging is just assuming being white and say, Irish in your case is the same thing.

I've literally had white folks get very hostile when I tell them being white isn't the same thing as being Irish. It's like they can't compute that fact.

@Are0h @pippasaidwhat My mother actually teaches this in college.

She explains how each "white" culture became part of the white. Like, how long it took for Irish, for Germans, for Italians, etc.

And it really has made a lot of the MAGA bros start to understand how the idea of whiteness has fucked with their family histories, and that's why they are poor now. Because while they are reaping the benefits of whiteness now, they don't see it because they weren't when they first came to america.

i once got stuck in a lengthy debate in uni over "when white was invented" because we refer to Italians, Greeks etc. as being olive-skinned. nowadays that phrase has come to mean "tans easily", but that discussion included an Italian and a German amongst a bunch of brits. if you'd stuck us all outside in the summer, only the Italian would have come out unscathed. there is no uniform white.

@pippasaidwhat @Are0h Yeah, my family was Irish Catholic and it is a real inoculation against any kinda pan-white identity because our ancestors were absolutely not friendly with... well, anybody lol

@pippasaidwhat @Are0h I know a dude who is super Swedish American and his thing is like, kitschy decorative bears. Which is way better on a lot of levels than Nazism.

@Are0h @pippasaidwhat colonialism has definitely removed me from Scottish and English culture. apart from a lot of stereotypes and pop culture, i have little knowledge of either.

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