I want to see white people going in on R.Kelly bring that same energy when it comes to Trump, Mitch McConnel, Lindsay Graham, etc.

Get hot and bothered about that too.

@Are0h They go in on them because they're conservative republicans.

I wanna see them go in on Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton and their woke white favs who are also predators or defend predators.

@guerrillarain I'd argue that point based on how they vote.

But hard agree though.

@Are0h Mmmmm, true... but I see white people trashing Trump who also voted for him so I'm all sorts of confused.


@guerrillarain Yeah, they're trashing Trump, but not because he's a piece of shit.

They're upset he's not following through on all the non-sense he said he would do during his campaign.

@bhtooefr @guerrillarain That's the bigger piece of it. That they thought for some magical reason it wouldn't affect them.

But in terms of morality? Nah, they could care less how foul he is. Hell, a lot want to be like him.

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