Have you noticed how the same bigots that bitterly complains about safe spaces are making ones for themselves?

Yeah, I plan on blocking all of them, but it's weirdly reassuring.

@Are0h Reactionaries throughout the ages, and in particular these days, tend to be fueled almost entirely by projection---the faults they see in others are rarely more or less than the faults they see (often subconsciously) in themselves.

@keithzg I would argue how often it is a subconscious choice, but yeah. Usually.

@Are0h Yeah fair, quantifying it all would get tricky. But certainly, whether in cases consciously or not, it seems to always come down to projection.

And on top of that (or perhaps as part of that), as Corey Robin noted in The Reactionary Mind, throughout the history of reactionary thought "not only has the right reacted against the left, but in the course of conducting its reaction, it has also consistently borrowed from the left".

@keithzg Yeah, it's that weird duality they have of denying the humanity of others, but recognizing the need to maintain their own and realizing who has the best tools to do that consistently.

It's a bizarre form of acquiescence that they would never admit to, but they know they just don't have the spoons for the kind of work.

You'd think by now they'd put it together, but then they wouldn't be bigots.

@Are0h Yeah, I think a lot of the history of the right, particularly recently with teh various expressions of the Alt-Right, is driven by their insecurity and jealousy about that. They're too selfish and solipsistic to ever really believe anyone beyond themselves matters, but they can't help but notice that people who *do* believe in other people are able to construct systems and arguments that perform better.

@keithzg Exactly and they can't stand it. Which, ironically leads to them committing to actions that accelerate their demise.

The last POTUS election in the States is a case study for the behavior.

@Are0h they never mean what they say. reasonable folks keep forgetting this, but they literally will say whatever it takes to hurt people

@amydentata Basically. And their using corrupted version of our tools to do it.

It's weird, but there's an odd symmetry to it that I think is cool.

?? America is the quintessential 'white folk safe space' like huh? 😂

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