“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” Minton told Mazzei. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

White Americans keep telling us they don't give a shit about a healthy nation. They just want to hurt people they don't like. That has been most prominent motivation for the white vote since the country was founded.

There's another piece linked in the article that talks about how white cruelty is the point of their political efforts. Read this shit:

"The president’s ability to execute that cruelty through word and deed makes them euphoric. It makes them feel good, it makes them feel proud, it makes them feel happy, it makes them feel united. And as long as he makes them feel that way, they will let him get away with anything, no matter what it costs them."

I know people call my thoughts on white American culture 'controversial', but it just is what it is.

White people are not motivated by fairness, healthy communities and cooperation. They just don't care. Not even about themselves.

Asking us who do to negotiate with this culture to find 'common ground' is like asking a drowning person to be patient and hope water stops killing them.

White Americans would rather die than cooperate. Attempting to 'negotiate' w/ insanity is pure fucking nonsense

And I don't want to hear any self serving, weak ass whining about how 'complex' racism is in America.

If we're talking about why America keeps going from crisis to crisis and we can't agree the main factor is generational white resistance to morality, civility, reason and reality itself, then keep your bullshit to yourself.

Progress in America is so hard because white people _hate_ progress and have always worked against it.

White people aren't part of the problem. They _are_ the problem.

@Are0h And the thing is, the rest of the world sees it. I've been complaining about America's cruelty and arrogance since I was 13-14, and I can honestly say I've never met anyone, in any country I've been to, who had anything positive to say about the country and its people. And (white) Americans just don't seem to believe me if I tell them that.

It took me a few extra years to realize that _white_ Americans were the problem, specifically, but it's obvious in retrospect.

@Are0h I guess your options here are 'controversial', but I don't think they're wrong at all. There's something really strange about the way they think, their lack of empaphy, etc. There are definite cases where, confronted with the logic of what they're suggesting, people have admitted to me that they'd rather die and take others down with them than concede; or they'll say something like, "It may be pointless and harmful to others, but at least I'll go down fighting."

@Are0h I can't wrap my head around it...

But hey, I'm from the UK, and white folk from there are only a few steps behind this sort of ridiculousness (or are they the same now? I haven't been to the UK in 16 years and it definitely sounds like it's getting worse, so who knows?), so maybe I'm the weird one for even _trying_ not to be terrible.

@Are0h Gotta love those sweeping generalizations.
As though "white people" are some kind of monolith.
In every struggle for racial justice there have been "white" people of conscience on the front lines, being called "race traitors" and worse. Your lovely polemic won't erase that history and is hugely offensive.
Those "white people" in those articles don't fucking speak for me or for anyone I agree with or respect.

@kmckaig In the context of the white American political landscape, yes they do. They always have.

If it makes you feel better to consider yourself different of whatever they fuck you want to believe, do you.

But you're sitting here getting upset at me for speaking about the reality of white political dogma for centuries rather than the reality itself. Just like any other common racist.

It's funny how when it comes down to it even white ha, 'progressives' care more about self than reality.

Those people arent considered "white" thus being called race traitors. The white concept of whiteness is deeply seeded in racism and colonialism. Im not going to put words in his mouth but im guessing hes talking about your shitty dad that says "is it me or is it dark in here" in a crackerbarrel when he sees a PoC eating but brags they voted for Obama.

@kmckaig @Are0h what's with all of the communist symbols, obvious fash?

@Are0h You're not wrong. It's just not limited to "white people." Everyone has a hard time making good choices. Free markets don't make it any easier, marketing is designed to influence you, and government subsidies can turn unacceptable cost into standard practice (creating systemic dependency). Until certain things are corrected, I expect things to only get worse.

@hex As every other culture in America has learned not to vote for racist en masse, these are just excuses.

White Americans are the only ones voting for these policies to continue by their unrelenting need to have bigots in office, who in turn continue to pass awful and destructive policy.

Your vague assertion ignores that constant. And that’s just a cop out.

@Are0h Now you're just flat wrong.

I don't think it's white people. I think it's stupid people and a corrupt government.

I don't think alienating the people you want to change is going to work very well, but hey, if blaming white people does it for you, I hope it solves the problem.

@hex No, actually I'm not. American history is very clear on this.

You can think whatever makes you feel better, but it is well documented that white Americans have used their political power to elect bigots, regardless of their moral standing.

LOL, if people are 'alienated' by talking about historical truths about our society, I'm fine with that.

Well, I think identifying the problem is a big step toward solving.

If that hurts your feelings, oh well. Go cry to your bigot friends.

@Are0h Think what you want. I'm telling you what I've seen, not what people told me.

Sure, some white people have caused a lot of problems. That doesn't place blame on white people who were not complicit, but it sounds like you want to anyway.

And you are welcome to blame me (and anyone else who is actually on your side) for things I didn't do, but it won't help. It will only hurt your cause. (Personal experience.)

@hex LOL, I know you are. That's the problem.

Ha, not even close. It's not about blame. It's just history. You're talking it personal because you think I'm talking about you, even though it wasn't directed at you. You need to grow the fuck up.

As I had no idea who you are until stumbled into my mentions, the idea I'm blaming you for anything is absurd. Ha, if you want to be a victim do you.

LOL, and you have no idea what my cause is so have no clue what helps or hurts it.

@Are0h When you say "white people," you include me whether or not you mean to.* When you broadcast that, people think you are talking about them, if not to them. When your broadcast media is interactive, you may get to know how your message is received. If you don't like it, modulate your message. Be more specific. Plain text is bad at carrying meaning.

So aggressive. So emotional. So... wrong. Can't even take you seriously.

@hex LOL, again, not even close.

As I said nothing to you directly, that mean you want to be included in that despite how you protest. You should probably investigate that need to victimize yourself.

And the thing about media is that it's a two way street. I am very clear about what I mean, regardless if you want it to mean something else. And if you are really that unclear, you could just ask like a rational adult.

But no, you'd rather throw a tantrum like a child.

That's funny to me.

@Are0h I grew up in a family of these bigots, and the cruelty is definitely the point. It always has been.

@Are0h this is a pretty good rejoinder to all the articles encouraging empathy for Trump supporters and the right, or trying to portray them as sad displaced people or whatever the fuck. The perceived dwindling acceptance for outward, open displays of supremacy is what these assholes miss so badly.

Like, they can temper it with down-home attitudes, but talk to any of these people about topics of race and it's pretty obvious they want to feel unquestionably on top. Fuck them.

@Are0h i want to print this and hand it out everywhere i go like a jehovas witness

@Are0h very few people have an appreciation for how deeply ingrained this mentality is. Indeed it still catches me off guard, when I see--in 2018--someone publicly admit they believe there are specific people that "need to be hurt" like this.

What is also disappointing to me is what usually passes as "inclusive" and "progressive" amongst my peers, which amounts to "stop hurting people" and "include people" but goes no further. An example I'm most familiar with is how First Nations are treated.

@Are0h ...that is a good start but not a solution. It is a half measure. It is fine to have "consultations" and "negotiations" and what not. It is wonderful to hire marginalized people. But these things are just a coat of paint.

When it comes to actual structural changes that give actual ownership and power to non-white people too many of us fall silent. It isn't enough to stop kicking someone in the head and ask if they are OK; we need to lift people up.

@are0h I mean, his supporters are just very clear with the idea that they have political enemies. Unlike the typical liberal, who believes in nothing and therefore thinks it's possible for everyone to just get along.

@tomas You have no idea of what the fuck you're talking about.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

@Are0h This definitely rings true WRT the Austrian far-right voters that brought people like Strache to power; and still support him although he's passing laws that hurt their interests -- as long as he hurts the immigrants more.

@Are0h I'm reminded of this post about white supremacy and sociopathy, and how that converstion keeps getting derailed by bad faith and disingenuous invocations of intersectionality.

@jhlee Trudy is a friend of mine. She always nails it. Legit one of the smartest people writing about culture right now.

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