I get so much satisfaction from designing, managing servers and developing tools for my project.

Everyday, I feel like I get a bit closer to this wonderful solution where we completely control our media end to end.

It's hard as fuck and sometimes I get really frustrated, but it has been the most worthwhile project I've ever taken.

I've never been so sure about a particular project. I love working on this shit every day.

I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to talk about whatever on blogs we control that connect to federated video platforms where we premiere original content that's been funded completely by our own communities.

Imagine posting a thought in one place and it just cascades through the entire platform for interested people to see with no interference from algorithms or whatever the fuck trying to maximize profits.

That thought just gets me excited.


I find myself often getting frustrated with the web because it can be so much more. I get tired of negotiating with the limit of what people think the web could be.

But we're in a weird time now. Where access and opportunity finding each other more and more.

Of course that means a lot of shit is getting made, but that's just a part of it.

It feels like a fundamental shift on how we use the web is happening.

And I'm chest deep in that shit. I love it here.

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