Today's new study saying how foreign agents weaponized America's inherent bigotry to target Black Americans with complicity from nearly every major social media platform drives home the point that we need to make our own spaces that are independent because they really don't give a shit about us.

These platforms are willing to sacrifice national security and democracy for the sake of profit.

Getting back to the point, the piece also makes it abundantly clear how many American business are willing to sacrifice the national good for a few dollars more.

Remember the stories that detailed how YT was specifically pushing right wing propaganda for more engagement?

You think it's an accident the content they are pushing aligns ideologically with the efforts to undermine the Black American vote?

Are you paying attention?

And let's be clear about this point. Not only are these platform promoting content to inflame white hate and bigotry, but they are also protecting people who espouse this ideology while punishing those who stand up against hate.

Given the context of how social media platforms will straight up lie ( ) about the efforts to make safe platforms, it is... let's be nice and call it naive to say they aren't complicit.

I just read about that at a different place. Like what the fuck are they smoking? It was some of the most radical centrists both sides are bad fuck you I got mine summary

@frickhaditcoming This is why I always say if you're not against hatred and bigotry, you're complicit.

There is no middle ground. Hate is allowed to exist because alleged good people won't stand up and say wrong is wrong.

And riding that middle is big business in the States, whether it causes harm or not.

The only part that reprised me was they said blue lives matter was Russian bots too. And even if it was Russian bots how is pointing out police injustices a bad thing just because someone bad did it. I cant believe people believe this, but then again apparently people.believed you could text your vote in

@frickhaditcoming I'm going to keep saying it. You cannot underestimate racism in America and how far white people will go to protect it.

Police violence against Black people makes white people feel safe. Law, order, due process, etc doesn't matter when it comes to this single principle. We all know law enforcement in America is beyond corrupt, but as long as they keep murdering Black people, white America will tolerate it.

That's why it was effective. White folks love racism and hate.

@plsburydoughboy Ha, that's the point you want to quibble about? I do believe the Russians qualify as foreign agents.

@Are0h I really can't wait until we get our projects out the door to compete and prove that solutions can be made man

@jalcine Dude, every time I see non-sense like this come out, it just gives me more motivation.

The bar is so low. There is so much opportunity for a completely new paradigm concerning how we use the web.

I'm straight up laser focused on building new tools because these fools aren't going to change and I think we've wasted enough energy trying to convince them of reason.

@Are0h @jalcine The tech giants are more fragile than they'd let you believe - the ad business is basically operated by smoke and mirrors, and it's only a matter of time before publishers wise up.

The question is, will you be ready when they fall?

@calvin @jalcine Absolutely agree with everything expect the final point.

Will _we_ be ready when they fall.

Cuz of course they are🙄 The wealthy have no country and no laws. What does sovereignty mean for someone who can just buy an Island and call it Zuckertopia?

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