I don't want Social to be the biggest instance, nor the most popular.

I really just want a community that sustains itself because we all give a shit about building a cool ass place.

Social isn't for everyone, but it's a special place for those that understand it.

I want Social to be a community of weird ass creative people from everywhere that all have a stake in creating the best online spot that we can.

Not because we want to impress some VC and not because we want to be a trendy online whatever.

Rather because we want to see what happens when a bunch of smart, interesting, creative people put our brains together and build things that serve to push the culture forward.

And have a straight ball while we do it.

Because we can.

You might want to read some of Clay Shirky's insights on what problems you'll face on the way to your dream community, and ways to fix it

@vanderZwan I doubt a piece from 2003 talking about community from a myopic internet perspective has any insights I haven’t heard before.

I don't know your background. I just know that Shirky "got" social media before the term existed, and the rest of the world is still catching up to stuff he figured out by the late nineties. I was offering it as an interesting article.

Also, calling an article myopic before you even read it is highly ironic, and if you assume that you can't learn anything from something just because is fifteen years old then good luck.

You're going to need it with that attitude.

@vanderZwan The key phrase here is you don't know my background. That bit of info is pretty important if your intent is to impart something of value.

It is your assumption that I haven't read it. That's the second time you've attempted to assert something based on pure ignorance.

You can get pissy all you want. It does not change the fact you're speaking from a place of ignorance.

I would advise you to ask questions before speaking based on nothing but your assumptions.

Enjoy your night.

@Are0h What do you mean by "Social"?

In the past I have tended to read it as "", which, after this post, I'm quite confident is not what you mean by it, and now I'm torn between "" and "social media in general" 😵😳

@tethre Ha, I definitely don't mean Masto main.

The title of the site is Social @ PV, so I often just say Social for short...

@Are0h Now I know! (that title was not visible to me at all 😅🤦‍♀️)

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