Just so we're clear.

If we cannot even agree that Nazism should be resisted with every means at our disposal, you're just a fucking coward.

Someone who advocates to 'reason' with someone that believes the best outcome is to see you dead is enabling hate and racism to continue.

@Are0h it's always fun that we have to clarify these things

@meena As long as white people keep coming at me with their reductive bullshit, I'm going to make sure they know where I stand concerning it.

@Are0h @jalcine I feel the same way about Socialism, especially living in Thailand where we were flooded by refugees escaping the slaughter from socialist governments across the border in Cambodia and Laos is still backwards with undernourishment abound. Is it a moral imperative that one resists Socialism equally?

@mishari Well, I wouldn't compare the two as Socialism doesn't inherently advocate mass murder.

I think the extremism should be resisted, but I think it's sloppy to put those two on the same category.

And last I checked, Cambodia isn't a socialist state.

@Are0h @mishari Laos is also capitalist right now, controlled by a MList party.

@ThisIsLeeloo @mishari That I didn't know. I thought they were still a socialist state.

Thanks for the heads up.

@Are0h @mishari A leninist socialist party is in control, and they're just allowing capitalism to happen.
And capitalism tends to leave some people to starve.

@ThisIsLeeloo @mishari Ah, ok. Clearly I need to do more reading about that part of the world. I didn't know it was like that.

@Are0h @mishari Sometimes people really let me down when I hear them have a long conversation/interview with someone saying a buncha things I agree with ("yup, yup, fuck the police, fire to the prisons, yes") and then towards the end mention a TED talk some black dude did (because that's important to the narrative) where he talks about infiltrating the Klan and reasoning with them to death.

Like dammit, dude, I thought you were cool.

@teslas_moustache @mishari *sigh* Yeah. That happens a lot, especially when it comes to white violence and hate.

Folks will stand up to people that abuse dogs, but not a white nationalist that wants to eliminate immigrants.

@Are0h @teslas_moustache humanity needs more investment in social psychology research. We don't understand any of this enough I reckon.

@Adoxographer Hard agree. This is how I feel about bigots in general.

These people exploit reasonable people's desire to resolve situations with words.

They have no intention of doing so themselves.


> with every means at our disposal


And this means cheating, hitting below the belt, changing the rules on them, whatever it takes, because *they* sure aren't gonna play fair

And it means going there BEFORE they hand me a pink fucking triangle and start marching me off to a camp, thanks

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