The thing you have to keep in mind about the tech field is that white guys are invested in running out every other social group when it comes to that field because that is the only way they can maintain their 'dominance' of it.

This is the objective context of working in technology. If a dude isn't actively fighting against this context, he is enabling it.

Either you're for more diversity in the field or not. There is no middle ground.

@somarasu Yo, literally. The biggest fear of white men is competition, especially in the tech game.

A lot of these cats don't want better communities and better software. They get into it because they believe they can create something they can control with less effort than working there way up in their respective careers.

And when they're called on it, they meltdown when they realize that yes, OSS is going to take work too and not just the code aspect.

@somarasu I think they see it, they just don't care.

There is no OSS project that has major adoption that has not received contributions from a diverse community, but a lot of these cats think they are _entitled_ to this work rather than being grateful for it.

We've seen this same scenario play out over and over again. There is a big cultural disconnect that is being exposed and, as usual, rather than address it, white identified folks get violent, literally and metaphorically...

@sajith You do realize those jobs that are being offloaded to work to your country are coming at the cost of people in the States right? And the tech job pool for Black and Brown folks here is pretty shallow as it.

It's ironic you call someone else's view 'one dimensional' when your perspective is literally based on your subjectivity. Disappointing.

And yes as the tech field in America is mostly white, it's not a stretch to say they are the majority that is getting fired.

@sajith I know what you're saying and you're flat out wrong. American history is replete with examples of white people choosing ideology over common sense. Our last POTUS election is a great example.

That's great. The field is still overwhelmingly white.

Ha, don't back track now. When you use terms like 'one-dimensional' it's pretty clear what you're saying.

LOL literally no one said all white people are the same. Are you serious right now?

@sajith LOL, so let's completely ignore the history voter disenfranchisement and marginalized communities because you saw something on tv. Ok, bro.

Yes, all Black people don't think the same. LOL as a Black American this is not new information.

Please stop. You're just embarrassing yourself. If you want to defend white people, cool, but you literally have no idea of what you're talking about.

You're just showing how deep your ignorance of the culture over here runs.

@sajith I doubt that.

As I am from the States, it's not a surprise as I know the culture and how those dynamics work.

Ha who said anything about being angry?

I'm not debating the point there isn't nuance to the conversation as I never said there wasn't.

You're just really invested in defending white people and as such your fabricating points to defend even though they were not said.

So again, just stop. You're simply out of your depth here. You're very ignorant of what happens here.

@Are0h it’s absolutely about dominance. ESP with the way tech is weaving itself in every aspect of our lives.

@Lilrednacho And the push back we see when we try to reclaim our space with that medium.

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