A debate is: "Hey Ro. Why do think pre-colonial West African societies moved away from non-binary identities and eschewing gender roles? Here are my thoughts."

That's a debate.


That's just a white guy talking out of his ass because he can't think for himself.

Know the difference, friends.

It's funny, too, that I'M a white dude, and you've never hated on me! Because we do exactly that: we TALK, sharing opinions, acknowledging things the other person says. Like, y'know, real people.

@thraeryn Ha, it's almost like when people talk to me like, you know, A PERSON, it works!

Apparently this is a very complex concept for a lot of people.

@Are0h True debates come from a place of common ground (in your instance, the acceptance that those societies did that). 99% of Internet arguments involve one side believing a core fact about the world or history to not be true. People wonder why "no rational debate" happens, and it's because they ignore it when it does, and focus on the screaming matches between people who think "a mercury compound in a dose less than 10000 fish dinners can cause a complex neuro condition" and rational people.

@mlubert Very well said. The funny part is how angry people get upset when I refuse to argue about one's subjectivity and opinion.

There is such a thing as objective truth. I have no interest in 'debating' reality with someone that wants to be willfully ignorant of it.

@Are0h The Conservative/Liberal debate on climate change SHOULD be on how to adjust taxes and corporate regulations to fight it, with each side likely leaning on more personal responsibility or more government oversight, rather than one side accepting money from oil companies and claiming that 1000s of scientists lied and manipulated data for decades.

@mlubert Should be but it isn't. In a country like the US ignorance is enabled and even celebrated because it makes it easier for people to be exploited.

Racism is the perfect opiate to accomplish because it gives people an easy out on who to blame when things don't change, and enables people to completely ignore their direct hand in it.

@Are0h Wholeheartedly agree. Had an argument back on Birdsite over a day in which a YTer posted something inadvertently racist and then doubled down over and over on it, and refused to believe he had white privileged because he wasn't rich and life wasn't 100% easy. He then claimed that (as a copyright lawyer who had few clients) he helped impoverished members of his community daily.

@mlubert LOL, literally just had a dude who accused me of being a racist yesterday say he couldn't be a bigot because he took his POC friends out for a drink.

I literally laughed out loud.

@Smokinjoe You know, it's funny to me how many people mistake anecdotes for intelligence and a general lack of empathy as objectivity.

There are a lot of awful behaviors on here that are normalized because people refuse to be reasonable.

The reality is I'm not actually that smart. I'm just not a bigot, I have eyes and listen.

People delude themselves a ton in this space.

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