Happy Thursday, my gorgeous fediversians.

Remember, you are under no obligation to be kind to people that mean you harm. You do not owe civility to anyone that denies your basic human right to exist safely.

It is pointless to attempt to reason with a person that is resigned to believe your suffering is necessary and your pain in inevitable.

Resist that falsehood. Use a bat if you have to.

You matter. Your safety and well being matter.

@Are0h thanks for still being you it’s always good to hear your opinion on stuff

@Are0h no worries. I know you get shit from people a lot and yeh

@urwitchygothmom Ha, they try too anyway. Mostly it just comes off as whining to me, but yeah there is a lot of it on here.

@Are0h Yeah, that's definitely fair >^<

I think I've got enough instances blocked where I barely see it, but yeah its a damn mess sometimes

@urwitchygothmom That's smart. I think a lot of people feel being civil means endlessly dealing with people's non-sense and bear no responsibility to change their behavior.

It's better to not give people that space to begin with.

@Are0h Yeah, definitely.

I don't have any reason to give time to people with terrible opinions about things just because they have terrible opinions about things has pretty much been my modus operandi from day one here

@Are0h I have a louisville slugger near my desk for this very reason

@Are0h Your good morning toots regularly lift me up. Thank you.

@Are0h Thanks for the reminder. Trying to show the light to ignorant, hateful people only tarnishes your mind and wastes brain resources. We have presented the evidence. It's up to them to understand. It is not our job to show them. When they are ready, they will see.

Stay positive.

Respect yourself enough to disengage with unhelpful conversations.

Reward kind and decent people with conversation instead.

@zladuric There has to be some will from admins to listen, but yeah, that would help.

@Are0h well the proper action could be "please ban the real troll." - "nope" - "okthxbye".

@zladuric Perhaps for you it’s that simple. But for most that are constant targets it isn’t.

@Are0h but that's inconvenient so troll wins, I guess.

@zladuric Ha. Now you’re just being contrary. Enjoy your day.

@ljgww For someone that states they don't assume, that's quite an assumption.

And saying I disagree with what you're saying is pretty straightforward. Don't be obtuse.

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