Here's a nugget for you.

It's not your skin color that makes you white.

Meditate on that.

@guerrillarain Ha, there's somebody in front of their computer right now like WHAT?? THIS DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE?? MY BRAIIIYYYYNNNNNNNN!!

@Are0h @faissaloo 'white', 'black', 'brown', 'jew'
None of these words have any useful or consistent meaning other than creating an 'us vs them' mindset. They're garbage words that people constantly redefine to cause division.

@faissaloo That may be true for you, but unfortunately people's lives are being ruined because of them, so we can't just discard them out of personal preference.

When people stop being murdered for and because of these things, then they won't have any 'meaning'.

@Are0h @faissaloo The sooner we discard them the better things can be. Continuing to respect this fundamentally broken idea provides a foundation for racism, rationalisations for racism are much harder if everyone thinks race is a joke.

@faissaloo I find this statement incredibly ignorant because the proliferation of racism has nothing to do with what it's victims think about it. If that was the case it would have been gone a long time ago.

Putting the responsibility on anyone other that white identified people's to curtail racism is non-sense as no other social group invest the resources to maintain it at the level that they do.

You need to read a book, dude.

@Are0h @faissaloo Everyone is part of society and chooses which ideas to propagate, it's everyone's responsibility.

@faissaloo Again, that is an incredibly ignorant and historically inaccurate comment.

It sounds like you don't know what you're talking about and are just presenting your subjective ideas as solutions.

I have no interest in self-righteous and empty thoughts based on nothing but anecdotes and one's own willful ignorance.

@Are0h @faissaloo That's great because I have no interest in psuedo-intellectual defeatist garbage.
See, I can use big words too.

@faissaloo LOL, ah, that's it. You're just insecure.

And that's ironic considering you engaged with me, but hey whatever you need to tell yourself champ.

Enjoy your day.

@faissaloo @Are0h so you're a post modernist who thinks the labels themselves cause division,

and we're.. i guess still modernists? because we recognise that labels fall in and out of favour as violence and oppression and stuff changes

and these labels are needed and useful for organising based on shared persecution and marginalisation.

when the issues go away - which they can't if we don't constantly fight them - the words fade out of relevancy on their own.

@kit @faissaloo @Are0h There is no need to organise based on 'shared oppression', people should be organising around ideas, if your idea is 'people shouldn't be shot based on arbitrary attributes like their skin color' that idea alone is more than enough. What you call 'organising bases on shared oppression' is in fact just divide and conquer.

@Are0h Maybe not, but I'm given to understand that it's been working for me anyhow.

@Are0h As a white middle aged guy? Yes. Absolutely. I recognize that I get cut slack that others don't get.

@Are0h I've had it both ways :-)
I was the only white boy in my foster home/group home of 9 guys.
Also, I notice a difference in how the cops treat older ppl and twenty year olds. I get a skate on some minor things because they know I'll dispute it and tie up their time in court. My 20-30 year old self would have gotten a ticket.
Now a bit over the speed or sliding through a stop sign... they just literally look away.

@gemlog It would be nice if ageism worked the same way as racism. It would be a relief to know the worse thing that could happen is a ticket.

@Are0h Not saying. Just pointing out yet another perk of being an old white guy.

@gemlog Ha, nah, I know you weren't. Just sharing a thought.

@Are0h *thinks hard* So. An albino black person could have actually 'white' skin but would be unlikely to get 'white person' privilege. I'm not sure what the opposite of that would be though. There's only so dark my skin could get before I'd start losing the white privilege that comes at first sight. I still feel like I'm probably missing your point a bit...

@donblanco @Are0h As I understand it, to be a white person is to be part of the dominant culture that was built by, and continues to maintains its power by the exploitation of ethnic minorities.

A great deal of America's wealth came from the slave trade, for example

The excessive policing of black people allows feeding them into the maw of mass incarceration, which is a modernized form of slavery. e.g.

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