I thought is where all the Good Whites™ are?

Hm. I guess he's just an bad apple. Or a lone wolf. Or an isolated case.


@Are0h mmmmm i definitely got one report of someone on that instance being a fucker, wonder if its the same guy? not sure how active the mods are over there

@bea He's not the first random person that has come at me over some non-sense.

I'm not quite to the point where I'm going to block them because they are doing some good things.

But it's fucking annoying.

@alice Or evidence... or sources... or they weren't taught... or libraries are hard...


@Are0h your toots make me uncomfortable.

Keep it up. Thanks.

@sivy When you can identify and talk about why without getting defensive or hostile, then you'll be getting somewhere, my man.

@Are0h I'm thinking about it, but not sure I can well express it yet. Def has to do with self-ideation and identity and sensing my own defensiveness.

I think it comes down to feeling like I don't have the right to speak on some topics due to my ethnicity, which I think might be the whole. damn. point.

@Are0h I *think* the defensiveness comes from growing up WASP and feeling entitled to be heard on whatever f'ing topic I feel like talking about.


@sivy Think about it like this.

When women talk about what they've been through and express negatives view of men, I've learned to just take a beat and examine why I am getting upset and/or defensive.

It definitely has a lot to do with what you said. I just don't identify like that, so how could they be saying that about me.

But it's not about me individually. It's about the _culture_

And as a dude I can absolutely speak to the culture of sexism women often detail.


> I just don't identify like that, so how could they be saying that about me.

This. And yet when I examine my own thoughts/behaviors I can't argue that much of white (and male) culture is s**t. I hope to think that cultures are not irredeemable but acknowledging the problem is step 1.

@sivy Boom, you got it.

As I'm sure you've seen, a lot of people that identify as white can't seem to get that point of internalization and examine the why of what I'm saying. It's just easier to fall back on bigotry and accuse me of whatever.

But it's not about individual white folks. It's about the culture they create, which the perspective I generally speak from.

It is a powerful moment when one can de-couple their perspective from how they view the world. It opens up so many new options.

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