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Look, here’s the thing. I’m not going to say what you want. I have my views and perspectives that I believe in. If you need me to have a specific posture to mimic your particular sensibilities for cooperation, then we’re just not going to get along.

But if you’re about equality, justice and fairness for _all_ peoples, I’m in the fight with you. Every day. Even if you don’t dig me.

My commitment to progress is not based on being liked. I just want us to get free.

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Aye folks. I don't how other instances will operate, but I can promise Social will be a safe space for us to talk openly about issues without wasting effort on people that don't want to listen.

I want honest convo on my instance, but if one cannot do that respectfully and without resorting to childish taunts, they will be shown the door.

I'm the big brother you call when someone is getting on your nerves.

I got your back. Always.

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I love . Let me do a proper one.

I'm Ro. I design, develop, overthink and on occasion, make beats. Check out: And before you ask, yes. I am.

I'm a mediaphile which means I'm always watching or listening to something. Follow and/or for details

I'm also a history buff and I think a lot about social theory. Ha, you've been warned.

Needless to say, I got a lot going on. But I'm pretty cool... generally.

Now that I think about it, I haven't played Metal Gear in awhile.

Throwing in the trash because the admin seems to be chummy with the bigot that I reported other day for accusing me of racism because I wasn't talking about poor white people enough.

You probably should to.

Leaving Mobile Suit Gundam Wing on English Dub becuase Megan Thee Stallion.

I finished all the seasons of Power and now my life no longer has meaning.

#INPICTURES | Solidarity between Chinese, Cuban and Venezuelan doctors to face the #COVID19 in Venezuela. Chinese doctors learned the "house by house," a Venezuelan methodology and exchanged knowledge and professional experiences.


looking for someone with a thicc

bank account

Today pissed me off, but I'm glad something positive is coming from it and those of us that are able are talking it through so we can get even better and recognizing and dealing with toxic threats to the community we are building no matter what kind of clothes they are wearing.

It easy to recognize overt racists, but it's the ones that lurk and hide that are causing the most trouble.

The more effective we become recognizing them, the faster our communities will align.

I am not your teacher, your token Black friend or your therapist.

If one asks me for my help, I'll give it if I can, but I am not going to take on the job of unpacking random people's insecurities just because they feel like being random assholes to me with no provocation.

I am not here to hold white people's hands and guide them to a place where they can be decent humans in the most basic sense.

This is not a Morgan Freeman movie. I'm not anyone's magical negro.

I'm a community dude, so I don't mind sharing my experiences through the lenses of my respective identities, but one thing I am not going to do is diminish myself to make other people feel better about their insecurities about interacting with someone like me.

If you have problem with smart Black folks that is your problem. If you have an issue with not always being the smartest person in an exchange, that's on you to fix.

I'm not gonna make myself smaller b/c one can't keep up.

And the thing I have experienced from day one since I set up this instance is that white folks across the political/identity spectrum will revert to the same common racist behaviors when they don't get the response they feel like they deserve, based on absolutely nothing.

A lot of alleged 'progressives' on here are only 'allies' when Black and Brown folks have a posture that doesn't challenge their soft, performative version of INCLUSION.

And we all know where that attitude comes from.

People that engage with me in an honest and decent fashion knows the can talk to me about anything.

We may not see eye to eye, but I have no issue with listening, hearing people out and having a view I describe challenged. That's how we get to know each other.

What I won't tolerate is people taking swipes at me because they feel entitled to my respect and getting nasty because I don't automatically give it.

Don't complain to me when you come in looking for fight and you get one.

LOL, talking about I don't like 'honest' talk, when you sub tooted me, admitted you were wrong in the first place, then revealed it was about a conversation where I didn't put much value into what you were saying, which hurt your feelings.

Nah, you can't come back from that.

Being upset with me is one thing, but calling me antisemitic and a sexist because I had no use for ignorant comments is another.

Only in the mind of a bigot would that qualify as 'honest' and not just hateful and petty.

This isn't the first run in I've had with, so I'm probably just going to silence them.

I'm very tired of alleged white leftist going full bigot on me about minor shit that could be resolved if they stepped to me like adults.

But if they could do that, they wouldn't be bigots.

PV stands for a lot of things, but one thing we will not stand for is humoring white people's fucked up way of communicating in the most abusive and toxic ways possible as an entry point to a constructive conversation.

If you come at me with a closed fist, don't be surprised if you get punched in the face.

I'm not gonna sit here and take it in the hopes I gain another ALLY.

If you can't engage in civil fashion, fuck off. If you persist, there will be a consequence.

This isn't hard math.

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