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Look, here’s the thing. I’m not going to say what you want. I have my views and perspectives that I believe in. If you need me to have a specific posture to mimic your particular sensibilities for cooperation, then we’re just not going to get along.

But if you’re about equality, justice and fairness for _all_ peoples, I’m in the fight with you. Every day. Even if you don’t dig me.

My commitment to progress is not based on being liked. I just want us to get free.

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Aye folks. I don't how other instances will operate, but I can promise Social will be a safe space for us to talk openly about issues without wasting effort on people that don't want to listen.

I want honest convo on my instance, but if one cannot do that respectfully and without resorting to childish taunts, they will be shown the door.

I'm the big brother you call when someone is getting on your nerves.

I got your back. Always.

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I love . Let me do a proper one.

I'm Ro. I design, develop, overthink and on occasion, make beats. Check out: And before you ask, yes. I am.

I'm a mediaphile which means I'm always watching or listening to something. Follow and/or for details

I'm also a history buff and I think a lot about social theory. Ha, you've been warned.

Needless to say, I got a lot going on. But I'm pretty cool... generally.

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I really am looking forward to Death Stranding.

anyway the best mgs character is sniper wolf, if only because kojima accidentally wrote a depressed lesbian sniper self-medicating her anxiety while throwing out quotes from david lynch movies

I'm about halfway on board to using VS Codium again because I love the project, but now I gotta figure out what extensions send telemetry data back to M$.

It's a pain, but if I can lick that issue, I can have a have VSCode completely free of M$'s non-sense.

Hm, that might be worth the effort.

So a new friend wants to have a pajama party for two as a first date?

I'm intrigued by this.

So I'm kind of into Kevin Durant being kinda messy and emotional and talking about his feelings in public?

I kinda want to get all the MCU movies and binge them over the weekend?

writing a poem about how if you’re dad can’t build a car out of scrap metal then you shouldn’t be allowed to use bogan slang

Hear me out: tech conferences, but instead of masturbating about http you unionize everyone present

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Mom's BDay Party and Strangers Show more

I tried to watch WWE after not checking it for awhile, but it's like 90% white rocker bros and their token friends.

It's just boring.

Women's Division is the best thing about WWE right now. If there was a show with just women, I would watch the shit outta that.

Yo! If you're in (or nearby) pull up to the first meetup happening at Farley's East!

more info:

I'm aiming to do this every two weeks so no biggie if you miss THE FIRST ONE (I will side-eye you tho lol)

kenny omega saying that he doesn't want to call AEW/NXT a wrestling war because they're all friends backstage really then 3 sentences later saying "they're all jobbers and we'd put them in the dark matches if we ever hired them"

How have we not started calling the Right Wing the White Wing🤨?? It’s RIGHT there!

@Are0h I’ll get there eventually, I’m sure, I have time.

I bet his beard smells nice 🥴

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