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Look, here’s the thing. I’m not going to say what you want. I have my views and perspectives that I believe in. If you need me to have a specific posture to mimic your particular sensibilities for cooperation, then we’re just not going to get along.

But if you’re about equality, justice and fairness for _all_ peoples, I’m in the fight with you. Every day. Even if you don’t dig me.

My commitment to progress is not based on being liked. I just want us to get free.

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Aye folks. I don't how other instances will operate, but I can promise Social will be a safe space for us to talk openly about issues without wasting effort on people that don't want to listen.

I want honest convo on my instance, but if one cannot do that respectfully and without resorting to childish taunts, they will be shown the door.

I'm the big brother you call when someone is getting on your nerves.

I got your back. Always.

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I love . Let me do a proper one.

I'm Ro. I design, develop, overthink and on occasion, make beats. Check out: And before you ask, yes. I am.

I'm a mediaphile which means I'm always watching or listening to something. Follow and/or for details

I'm also a history buff and I think a lot about social theory. Ha, you've been warned.

Needless to say, I got a lot going on. But I'm pretty cool... generally.

Okay, okay, okay, T’Challa is canonically the richest mf in the Marvel universe. He’s a TRILLIONAIRE. He has enough money to give every last Black Adult in America over $2,000,000+. Bam, every Black American an insta-millionaire. And this mf’s solution to 250+ years of institutionalized destitution is building a rec center in Harlem😂.

Now, if we can make getting onto the fedi as easy as setting up an email account...

[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


The funny part is that she keeps coming back because she can't find anyone else to do what she needs, and I know she's been looking because there are always long stretches between when she reaches out.

She fancies herself a business person so she wants to make a deal, but I tried that a few times and it led to some serious stress of trying to cobble together something decent from her persistently bad ideas.

So now it's either you pay my rate upfront or you don't.

Ha, she doesn't like that.

Ha, so a friend of mine from a couple years ago I had a falling out with over one of the worst client experiences I've ever had hit me up again trying to get some work done.

Now the thing is, her project is in shambles because she didn't want to listen to the advice I was giving her, but she wants to hold onto the idea it was my fault, even though I literally sent her the emails where I tell her that her ideas wouldn't work.

Ha, and she's still trying to under pay me.

Ha, nah fam.

Hit racist dogs will howl


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One thing I've learned about working out and fitness is to not focus much on weight but how you feel.

Fit bodies come in all shapes and sizes and will take the form they need to take when you're committed to working out.

I'm getting more into the habit of not even checking my weight anymore and I find myself having better workouts when I just focus on what I'm supposed to be doing.

It's interesting how that works.

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What kind of mother fucking SAVAGE arrests the CHURRO LADIES??

And fuck De Blasio for saying that shit is cool.

The GOP attacked Ilhan Omar for calling Stephen Miller a ‘white nationalist.’ She says his leaked emails prove her right.


We're looking to hire a level designer! If you're a talented and passionate game designer looking to join an incredible indie team from all over the United States please drop me a message! All recommendations and RTs very appreciated on this one!


So glad we had our co-host @ArtistMarciaX joining us again for Revenge of the Sith, it was a real journey.
Spread the word for the next films, because it can only get better from there!

I know Anakin on the operating table shouldn't make me crave BBQ...yet we live in a fallen world, so here I am

If you're like me, you forget stuff if you don't write it down.

So here's a calendar for

Download, subscribe, etc, etc

Wait... We know AOC is wild smart AND she's a gamer??

I feel like we need to meet. Soon.

There is something very satisfying about making a blog platform that doesn't need a database.

Gods above below & around us how is there still an Hour Left?!‽

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