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Look, here’s the thing. I’m not going to say what you want. I have my views and perspectives that I believe in. If you need me to have a specific posture to mimic your particular sensibilities for cooperation, then we’re just not going to get along.

But if you’re about equality, justice and fairness for _all_ peoples, I’m in the fight with you. Every day. Even if you don’t dig me.

My commitment to progress is not based on being liked. I just want us to get free.

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Aye folks. I don't how other instances will operate, but I can promise Social will be a safe space for us to talk openly about issues without wasting effort on people that don't want to listen.

I want honest convo on my instance, but if one cannot do that respectfully and without resorting to childish taunts, they will be shown the door.

I'm the big brother you call when someone is getting on your nerves.

I got your back. Always.

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I love . Let me do a proper one.

I'm Ro. I design, develop, overthink and on occasion, make beats. Check out: And before you ask, yes. I am.

I'm a mediaphile which means I'm always watching or listening to something. Follow and/or for details

I'm also a history buff and I think a lot about social theory. Ha, you've been warned.

Needless to say, I got a lot going on. But I'm pretty cool... generally.

There is no such thing as natural poverty.

Any instance of people not getting their basic needs met is a completely artificial creation.

There is more than enough to go around for everyone to not suffer. Anyone who says there isn't is a straight up liar.

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Regular brain: new social network to replace Twitter and m.s will get people started

Energized brain: m.s is hurting the fediverse cause people don't know it's not the whole thing

Galaxy brain: m.s is good because it catches shitty people who just want to replay the worst of Twitter and we can just block it

I binged the third season of Travelers yesterday.

I love that show so much. I just might watch it again from the beginning today.

Happy Sunday folks.

Hey. You're enough. More than enough.

I don't have someone to subtoot smutty things about.

I need to get my life together.

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some of you are disgusting, filthy, foul, horrible and nasty, and it's :valid:

Never underestimate the impact of treating someone like a human being. In a society as bigoted as ours, it's some futuristic shit.

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New post published on Patreon! Become a Patron and basically you get to read my art journal :)

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"If the American government, which is now more openly conservative and bigoted than ever, cared about children, they would be shifting their budget to provide rehabilitation services, income, and basic needs for marginalized classes — including children."

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Completely obsessed with getting all the achievements in Into the Breach.

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Little baby rant as an aside, but if you have the choice and understanding to make your website accessible and you don't... you're a shit-head. If you KNOW it's not accessible and you're just like 🤷🏽 , you're a shithead.

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That’s not your girlfriend


My girlfriend commented on some dudes IG post saying when you ready you can come ruin my relationship. LMAO

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Good evening and happy friday! Here's some afro/soulful house. Simmy & Sun-El Musician - Ubala

Really into those two lately. Do check Simmy's album "Tugela Fairy" 💛​

Soooooooo.... Epic's game installer doesn't support case-sensitive drives just like Steam.

*throws it in the garbage*

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Going live in 10 minutes! Come watch me work on , answer some quick Q&A and more at

How lovely folks. It’s Friday. You know what that means?

It’s another opportunity to reflect how awesome you are and how far you’ve come.

Embrace that’s shit. With both hands.

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The capacity for white cishet men to genuinely believe they are perfectly objective in all things will never not be hilarious to me

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New goal, get a follower on every instances so that my digital footprint will be preserved across the fediverse. Every new instance is a new phylactery for me.

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