Hey, does anybody have good recommendations of sci-fi/fantasy with lgbt+ characters/relationships? I was looking through my Goodreads and found that to be a pretty glaring omission. Boosts appreciated.

@Altruest Maybe The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K Leguin? It explores gender in a really peculiar way.

@xiroux that's actually one of my favorite books ever! It's one of only a few in my reading history though, unfortunately

@Altruest I read it last Christmas. And I *loved* it. I recommend it as soon as I can :3 I'll follow your thread and see more interesting books :)

@KittyUnpretty the first two are two of my favorite books, I'm unfamiliar with the rest though, thanks!!

@brennen oh yeah! I read the first one but never got around to finishing the series. Thanks!

@Altruest I know Mercedes Lackey's The Last Herald-Mage does feature a LGBT character. I bought the first book but never came around to read it 🤦‍♂️

@Altruest This may not be exactly what you're looking for but in "Ancillary Justice" (and the other two "Imperial Radch" books), the people of the Radch empire, while being genetically indistinguishable from humans of our time, do not distinguish people by gender.

The author uses feminine pronouns to convey this but the relationships portrayed in the book are certainly neither all homo- or heterosexual.

They are however limited to side characters as the protagonist herself is asexual.

@Altruest Dragonoak by Sam Farren! everyone is gay but it’s so normal that it’s hardly discussed!

@Altruest hey hi so i’m gonna be That Jackass and plug my own stuff at

pretty sure the next straight protagonist i write is going to be the first, and i’m in no hurry to get there, i mean i don’t kinkshame or whatever but it’s just not my thing

-An Accident of Stars
-Ancillary Justice & sequels, and Provenance
-Dreadnought, by April Daniels, if you're fine with superheroes
-Ruin of Angels, Full Fathom Five, and I think some of the other Craft Sequence novels
-Kushiel's Dart

@mairi thanks!! I have some friends who have been RAVING about Dreadnought lol I gotta pick it up soon.

@Altruest Wraeththu by Storm Constantine deals with all sorts of gender bending and same sex love

@Altruest Dreadnought and Sovereign by April Daniels young adult, but i found them utterly enjoyable reads

@eqe I have some friends who have been extremely enthusiastic in their recommendation of those books lol. I gotta pick it up soon. Thanks!

@Altruest The Broken Earth series has a wide variety, although the protagonist is iirc only shown hetero.

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