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Hello! My name is Jacob, or Altruest, whatever you wanna call me. I've been on mastodon for a little over a year now, but I thought it was about time to move to another instance from m.s. I usually just dump whatever thoughts I feel should be shared on here, but my interests include , , , and ! I also try to make your internet experience as positive as I can, so if you need a breather from the internet grind, I'm your guy!

(I bought hyrule warriors last night. It is a time sink and a half)

I feel so productive and full of energy for only getting 4 hours of sleep. This my body's last hurrah before dying at 3pm, isn't it

I just realized that since I've completed my class requirements for my PhD, this will be the first fall I won't be taking classes in uuuuuh 18 years? 😳

Or at least hate the things that that really matter lol

Life's too short to hate people's phone preferences and movie sequels. That's so much energy that could be spent on more positive things.

Genuinely curious, because I remember him being the 'mean' character on American idol, but as a trained musician I now watch clips of whatever his latest show and I agree with him?

Was Simon Cowell actually an asshole or was he just a good musician being honest?

Are there two words more exciting by themselves than "Time Heist"?

Scheduled my roommate interviews around the E3 conference today, is this what being an adult feels like?

Hi, I made a GoFundMe for myself to escape my mom as fast as possible. If you can't donate, please share!!!!! (CW ab*se, housing) Show more

Nothing makes me happier than dumb pet names. Name your dog Toothpaste and I'll love him forever.

I took a 7 minute nap and my uber went up $15 what the heck

It was definitely an outlier, and I'm not taking it personally lol. This person wrote 2 long paragraphs about my failures as a teacher that weren't backed up by any other student, so I'm assuming they're just frustrated at the class, not me specifically.

Got my first "[Altruest] may have been one of the worst TAs I've ever had." student evaluations today 😅

selfies, eye contact Show more

Ableist slur, Black Eyed Peas trivia Show more

Ableist slur, Black Eyed Peas trivia Show more

My new brand is gonna be just commenting "You should have been embarrassed to post this." under people's bad, bad takes.

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