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Hello! My name is Jacob, or Altruest, whatever you wanna call me. I've been on mastodon for a little over a year now, but I thought it was about time to move to another instance from m.s. I usually just dump whatever thoughts I feel should be shared on here, but my interests include , , , and ! I also try to make your internet experience as positive as I can, so if you need a breather from the internet grind, I'm your guy!

@Altruest You want sci-fi and fantasy? Toto will provide!

Their 1979 concept album Hydra has two certified yacht tracks, but I'm choosing to serve you "St. George And The Dragon", which pulls off the near-impossible feat of being a yacht rock song you can headbang to. And it's got cowbell!

While Toto's yacht rock credentials are unimpeachable, this early track lands at a low 53.25 on the Yachtski scale.

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A discord server I'm in is doing a sketch swap event, where people post their sketches and other people finish them. I printed one out and colored it in, cause that seems to get a kick out of mostly digital artists lol. I'm gonna show it to them tomorrow, but you all get a sneak peek.

Idk who needs to hear this, but if you're using YouTube in a presentation, go ahead and turn off autoplay.

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What are some great viola solos or pieces for beginners?

Idk who needs to hear this, but if you're using YouTube in a presentation, go ahead and turn off autoplay.

anyway i try my best to remain positive and spread as much of that as i can because the world is too tough and we can always use a little softness

My brain is throwing a coup, I just wanna do literally anything else

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MAN trying to keep my attention on these last 10 assignments I have to grade is like trying to play jenga with water on a duck's back.

ive done some really good toots recently and none of them has gone viral what the hell

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